A baby monitor is an alarm or radio system which enables you to listen to your baby when asleep or see what your baby is doing. It also enables you to know the temperature of the room your baby is sleeping in.

Types of monitors

Audio monitors

They only transmit sound your baby makes when asleep. It has a microphone in its transmitter unit and you have to place it near your baby. They are less expensive.

Analog monitors

Signal to the receiver is send in a straight shot from the monitor.

Digital monitors

The signal is encoded when travelling from the monitor to receiver making it hard for sound to be recognized by others.

Video monitors

It enables you to see what your baby is doing. They have a night vision feature that enables you to still have a view of your baby even when the room is dark. Some also have built-in lullabies and devices that monitor your baby’s movement and temperature. Often placed near the baby.

Wireless monitors

It allows you to use other existing devices in your house as receivers and you can put more than one camera and monitor in various rooms. It has a Drop cam Echo which detects sound and motion which you can be notified through email or your phone.

Importance of having a baby monitor

As a parent the safety of your baby is always your first priority and for this reason a baby monitor enables you keep an eye or get to hear what your baby is doing whenever you are not near him. If you intent to use it as a third eye then you should get one but if the idea is to use it as a nursing aid then it may not be the best thing to do as you may end up neglecting your baby.

The following reasons outlines why a baby monitor is very important:

Acts as a safety device giving you peace of mind

You can always prevent any accidents happening to your little one since you are able to check on your baby and know what is happening around him at all times. Incidents such as your baby falling from bed or swallowing anything can be easily prevented as the baby monitor lets you immediately spot such dangers.

It gives you enough time to rest

Knowing that you can always be able to track what your baby is doing while sleeping in a different room is the best for you since you will have good time to rest without worrying about anything preventing depression or irritation. The good thing with it is that if your baby wakes up you will be able to know and you can then attend to him.

Personal space

You can always put your baby in his crib while you attend to other chores without being disturbed.Baby monitors here comes in handy as you can carry it around with you therefore transmitting sound of your baby where you will be able to know if everything is okay.

It can also be used on toddlers and children

You can be able to monitor your child while playing in order to know if they are hurt or if it is more than one child then if they get to fight then you will be able to know and easily settle the issue.

Some are able to transmit video

Best video baby monitor is most suitable if as a parent you prefer visual other than getting to hear everything your baby does such as snoring or breathing. Getting to see your baby’s movement is enough to ensure his safety.

Features to look for in a baby monitor


Choose one whose frequency band is different from that of your cordless phone and other devices in your house. Always go for one with 900 MHz or more as it reduces any interference and also ensures there is clarity. If your phone uses DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) then you don’t have to worry about interference.

Low battery indicator

When batteries run out then you will get to know and be able to replace it immediately to continue monitoring your baby.


A receiver which is small in size is easy to carry around while you perform other chores in the house. You can choose one that has a separate receiver or uses available devices.

More than one receiver and transmitter

If you would like to leave one of the receivers in your room and carry the other one around then you can always buy several as well as  transmitters which you can place in more than one room


Sound activated light

Light often turn on whenever your baby makes noise therefore enables you to keep track of the baby even when you are busy doing something else.

Wireless model

This is most suitable when you are attending to other chores as you can always carry around.

Temperature sensor

If you like to know the temperature of your baby’s room temperature then go for this.

An audio or video model

If you only want to listen to your baby then you can buy an audio monitor but if you want to always watch your baby then buy a video monitor with a large screen that enables you to see the baby clearly.

Safety precautions

-Baby monitors with cords should be placed away where your child cannot reach.

-Avoid placing it near water to prevent any shocks.