So I stumble on this fat guy who tells me that he is an athlete. That he is part of the Kenya Athletics team and I am amazed. You see all Kenyan athletes are thin guys who all seem to stem from Nandi. The guy tells me that he is from Central Kenya and indeed he has won three gold medals in the Olympics.

So I am flabbergasted over how such a fat guy could be an athlete and two, how they could have won.

My first wonderment does not take long since I realize that all that he has are muscles and not real fat. Unlike his Kenyan counterparts who are always thin, he makes sure that his muscles do not get wasted by the races. How, I ask. It is then that he tells me about weight lifting.

The guy is well educated on sports matters because he explains everything so clearly so that I can see it in black and white. He says that when you only do cardio, you are going to waste your muscles. When you however combine the cardio with strength training such as weight lifting, you are sure to build your muscles.


The guy also tells me that food is another important thing that he does not overlook. He is not the kind of person whom you will see eating fatty foods. No, the only thing that he takes in the streets are the best pizzas made in the most exquisite hotels since they are always well baked with the best pizza ovens and have the best ingredients that will help the body.

He is also very much into proteins claiming that they help in body muscle growth. And that is very true because muscles are proteins in nature so one needs to take nitrogenous foods if they are to see any muscle growth results.

Why is he that fat?

Of course I still want to know why he has such a bulky body. He goes on to explain that his nutritionist told him that he might have dormant alpha 2 receptors that will not let fat get burnt. Anyway, he is taking one of the best weight loss pills gnc for helping him get lean and muscular.