Valentines day gifts for disabled

Who Remembers the Disabled During Valentines?

I pen this article on 31st January, 2019 –exactly two weeks before the eagerly awaited Valentines day when we all go berserk trying to please our spouses, baes, crushes , parents and friends because we love them so much. It is the season of love and no one really wants to be left behind. And since we are in the technology age, we all want to get them an online present that they will remember for eons and eons. In fact it is a very sentimental thing when you get someone a present and they realize how much you love and care for them that they do not want the two of you to ever get parted. So, yes we are in the season of giving and the man who outdoes all the others will take the price home.

Having said that, it will be no wonder to see people get their loved ones the best gifts that money could ever buy. It does not have to have the true value for the money that leaves a huge dent in your pocket but yes, you need to get your bae something. Now there is this forgotten community of people suffering from one form of ailment or another. Maybe they are disabled, bed ridden or have terminal diseases. While you get gifts for all the normal members of the family, you tend to forget this group which is really pivotal in your life. Maybe they helped you when you were young and they were still healthy. They narrated fancy stories to you and you enjoyed it as they beguiled you with one tale after the other etc. At the same time,it is good to give valentines gifts to disabled no matter whether they helped you or not. Because it is in giving the less fortunate, the less privileged and handicapped that you portray the true gift of Valentines.

Remember Saint Valentines whom we commemorate on this day was renowned for what he was matryed for. Not that he had a romantic lover. No, but he died for a course. So during this Valentine’s season, be someone who is following a course. Yes, buying your bae a good pair of shoes, a bunch of flowers and chocolates is all good. Because they will know that you really do treasure them. But if you have a disabled member of the community in your area which am sure everyone does have, then you need to up your game and get them something this Valentines.

Things that will help them in their handicap

If the patient in question has trouble walking, then you could get them walkers or any other adaptive movement aids that will help them moving up and down.

If the patient is having dressing problems caused by say maybe hand tremors, then you could get them magnetic button shirts which they do not have to struggle fumbling with the buttons or zips as they try to make sure that it is well buttoned and all that.

The blog hosiped also points out that you can get people who have Parkinson’s anxiety some weighted vests that will make them feel loved and cared for. The vests somehow reduce the anxiety in the patient since it provides a hug like effect everytime.

The usual Flowers, red cards and necklaces

Disabled people are also sentimental and have their feelings just like everybody else. So, when you are at loss what to get them, maybe you could get them some flowers, some amazon gift cards so as to buy themselves anything that they fancy online and everything will be super cool.