When you are obese, you have a wide range of challenges. For one, you are called plus size which is euphemism for calling you a very fat person. The other thing is that you struggle with self esteem. And you also sweat or pant for breath after doing a short walk or anything that looks like a workout. Well, there are treadmills for obese people that you can use to help you get rid of that heavy weight.

Treadmills come with weight limits. And when you are obese, you want the one with the highest weight capacity. So, you need to go with one that is slightly higher than your weight. If you weigh 100kg do not go for one that has a weight capacity of 220lbs but maybe 300lb since you do not want it to snap under your weight.

I will talk about the things that I look out for when buying a treadmill for heavy people

Cooler fan

As a big guy, you are always sweating. And as such, you want one that will cool you. So an inbuilt air conditioner is a must have for that machine.


It needs to be heavy duty and very durable. You do not want one that has parts that easily snap away under your weight.


When I am exercising, I want to listen to cool music. So the treadmill needs have speakers so that I can connect my music and listen to these gym music that keeps me moving


It needs to have cushions that will protect you from falls

Speed control

An easy speed control helps you change how you are walking on it

LCD display

The Lcd screen tells me how far I have walked, how much time I have consumed as wella s the number of calories I have burnt within a specific period of time.

Handles with sensors

I like those treadmills that have handles with heart rate sensor. So I go for one that will check my heart rate, measure it and tell me how fast or slow I should go.

After using these strategies, I have found some great treadmills for big guys at amazon