Sports is a very important part of our culture and well-being.

Without sports, we are likely to get older faster and at the same time, to not be able to work.

Our sports Department is crucial for the following:

Ensuring that every young person is actively involved in sports

Ensure that our young people are able to explore their talents and make use of them at a young age



Over the years, we have been recruiting young people to join our sports departments as apprentices. As they are trained, they have shown progress and the knack to get things quickly which is a great thing that we are proud of.

Our youth are talented. If you are a parent and happen to notice that your child is not specially gifted in education. do not look down upon them. They might be good in other fields such as sports. Bring them to us and we might just surprise you by telling you that the kid is a born athlete or footballer.


Importance of Sports

Sports is important in getting people fit. Rather than take pills to get ripped fast, why not engage in sports. They will help you lose weight faster

Well being of the body is ensured by sports. Without it, we will have zombies. You surely do not want your kid to be one, do you?

According to the newstimes of Rwanda, sports is important in developing friendliness among children. Kids who play tend to show friendliness since they interact and share while playing.

A blog by the name has also said that sports develops the character of your child. You are able to tell what kind of kid they are when they play with others and therefore sports should be in the curriculum of each and every school.

Because of this, we have asked the Government of Tanzania to ensure that every school has a sports lesson where kids play and socialize with each other.

Weight loss

Sports have been linked to weight loss. If you led a sedentary lifestyle and got fat, the doctor would definitely advise you to start exercising ASAP if you went to them with the problem. The paunch that you have grown is as a result of fat around the soft tissues of the belly. It can only take exercises to beat it off. Your food would also have to be monitored by a strict dietician to see that you only eat lean food and do not waste at all.

Getting ripped

Once you step into bodybuilding and want to bulky and with a six pack, the first thing would be good diet full of proteins to grow your muscles. After that, you would need to exercise hard so as to get ripped and your muscles to get leaner and leaner.

Avoid lifestyle diseases

Sports help you from getting lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure and atherosclerosis that come about after intake of too much cholesterol. Sports burn up the cholesterol leaving you leaner and well-shaped.

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