Research has shown that golf can surge the life expectancy of a person by 5 years. A game of golf ensures that your body works out properly and you get to achieve respiratory, mental, cardiovascular, and metabolic health. There are very many social and health benefits that people do not know about playing this gentleman’s game called golf. This article explores the diverse health benefits that a person can achieve from playing golf.

Health Benefits of Golfing

Golf gives you the chance to burn calories

A game of golf is played in a golf course that is about 30 to 200 acres. A complete game is about 18 holes and this can take you about 4 hours of walking to complete the game covering up to 7 kilometers. In case you want to carry your own clubs in the golf bag, then it is possible to even burn more calories. A single game of golf can help you burn about 1,000 calories. Golf is as good as skateboarding or playing rugby as it helps to sweat and burn excess fat from your body.

Great for the Brain

Golfing increases you’re the heart rate so that the blood flow to the brain. The high flow of blood to the brain can arouse and enhance nerve cells links. The flow of blood to the brain cells can hinder mental ailments such as dementia. The game also involves tallying scores and eye-hand coordination which helps to keep the brain active and enhance logical functions.

Reduce Stress

Golfing can in a great way help to reduce stress. The game is an outdoor sport where you walk with people, get to interact, and share life experiences is an amazing way to forget your plights. The activities that involves walking and enjoying the natural environment and spending quality time with friends helps to keep you in good moods. The main reason for this is that playing golf can help your brain release chemical called endorphins that makes you relaxed and happy.

Gives you better sleep

A bit of exercise will make your body tired and at night you will probably sleep and get that long night that you deserve. It is true that golfers are likely to sleep faster and get uninterrupted sleep as a result of the quantity of energy spent. The best thing about deep sleep is that it helps your body regenerate cells and repair tissues and muscles in your body.

Increase your heart rate

Golfing can result to some exercise and this is good for cardio and your overall functioning of the heart. Walking while carrying your bag and swinging the clubs when playing will surge the heart rate and increase your flow of blood which in turn help to lower your risks of getting bad cholesterol and heart ailments.


The health benefits of golfing cannot be disputed. The article has explained the various health benefits that your body can achieve from frequenting the golf course and playing this awesome game called golf. It is important that you get yourself membership in a golf club and get to enjoy the health benefits of golfing.