How Obese People Can Wipe Their Bum?

What happens when you have a boss who is obese and smells all the time? This is a situation that can put any employee in a dilemma. If you make the choice to tell them, you could easily get yourself fired and if you don’t, you are likely to suffer the consequences for the rest of your work life. What if this smelly obese person was your best friend? Would you appreciate the trolls that they receive? These are simple examples of how an obese person’s problem with wiping their butt can be a problem to them emotionally and also affect the people around them. Obese people are sensitive to their problems and may not entertain or take lightly a conversation on ‘how they stink’ or ‘how they should wipe their butt’

However, if you choose to write an article to educate obese people on how to wipe their butt, it could be of great help. They will not feel as personally attacked as they would in a one-on-one conversation. It can be a difficult task for an obese person to be 100% clean but with this article their butt hygiene will be taken care of.

I once heard an obese person who was tired of the stigma talk about how he used to get his butt clean after toilet activities. This solution may seem weird but for an obese person who will feel the irritation after leaving fecal particles in their butt, it may be a source of solace. He uses a large circular water trough where he sort of bathes after every long call of nature. Imagine doing it three times a day? Whenever he is away from the house, he just allows himself to stink and become the subject of whispers.

Aside from that, obese people can use care givers to wipe their butt. This is common for both long and short handed obese people. The ones with shorter hands cannot reach their butt properly while the ones with longer hands are not able to completely clean the area. Whether obese or not, no adult wants another person to take care of their dirty behind business. It is an embarrassing scene and most people would rather stay with their dirt than resolve to do it.

Away from caregivers, there are hand extension tools that an obese person can easily acquire and use. I will only discuss the best reviewed on Amazon and list the others.

Freedom wand Personal Hygiene & Bathroom Aid Toilet Tissue Tool

Just as its name, this tool provides freedom for its users. Obese people are able to wipe their butts without having to ask for help from others. This wand is long enough (6.5 inches head, 8 inches handle and 7 inches extender) to reach the butt with no problems. It also has an easy to release button to hold and let go off tissue paper after use. The best thing about it is that it is portable, so there is no excuse of stinking for an obese person.

Other hand extension tools are; bottom buddy, Juvo Toilet Aid, Buckingham Easy Wipe Travel Comfort Aid, SP Ableware Self wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid.

With this information, an obese person’s life will be made easier.

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What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is the inability of the bladder to control urine causing involuntary leakage. In most cases, it occurs as people get older but can also affect younger people. This condition affects both men and women but research has shown that females are the most affected.

Causes of Urinary Incontinence

To understand what causes incontinence, we will look at the types of incontinence individually;

  • Stress incontinence

This type of incontinence happens when the pressure in the bladder is too much resulting in urine leak. During pregnancy, the weight of the fetus may become too much for the bladder making it easy to leak urine. Vaginal child birth weakens the pelvic muscles which in turn weaken the bladder’s ability to hold urine. Being overweight is also a risk factor for urinary incontinence. Men who have also undergone prostrate surgery can experience stress incontinence.

  • Urge incontinence

This is where the bladder overreacts all the time causing the person not to reach the toilet on time. It is brought about by neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s or an enlarged prostate.

  • Total incontinence

This is where a person cannot resist the urge to urinate. It can be as a result of a birth defect, an injury to the spine that left the nerve signals from the brain to the bladder damaged or a fistula.

Treatment for urinary incontinence

Treatment depends on type of incontinence, age, health and mental state.

Pelvic floor exercises also known as kegel strengthen the pelvic muscles. Medicines can also be used in combination with exercises. Bladder training can also be used as a way of controlling urge and gradually regain control of the bladder. There are also medical devices that can be inserted to control incontinence but are unfortunately limited to women. If other therapies don’t work, surgery is the last resort for treatment.

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Who Remembers the Disabled During Valentines?

I pen this article on 31st January, 2019 –exactly two weeks before the eagerly awaited Valentines day when we all go berserk trying to please our spouses, baes, crushes , parents and friends because we love them so much. It is the season of love and no one really wants to be left behind. And since we are in the technology age, we all want to get them an online present that they will remember for eons and eons. In fact it is a very sentimental thing when you get someone a present and they realize how much you love and care for them that they do not want the two of you to ever get parted. So, yes we are in the season of giving and the man who outdoes all the others will take the price home.

Having said that, it will be no wonder to see people get their loved ones the best gifts that money could ever buy. It does not have to have the true value for the money that leaves a huge dent in your pocket but yes, you need to get your bae something. Now there is this forgotten community of people suffering from one form of ailment or another. Maybe they are disabled, bed ridden or have terminal diseases. While you get gifts for all the normal members of the family, you tend to forget this group which is really pivotal in your life. Maybe they helped you when you were young and they were still healthy. They narrated fancy stories to you and you enjoyed it as they beguiled you with one tale after the other etc. At the same time,it is good to give valentines gifts to disabled no matter whether they helped you or not. Because it is in giving the less fortunate, the less privileged and handicapped that you portray the true gift of Valentines.

Remember Saint Valentines whom we commemorate on this day was renowned for what he was matryed for. Not that he had a romantic lover. No, but he died for a course. So during this Valentine’s season, be someone who is following a course. Yes, buying your bae a good pair of shoes, a bunch of flowers and chocolates is all good. Because they will know that you really do treasure them. But if you have a disabled member of the community in your area which am sure everyone does have, then you need to up your game and get them something this Valentines.

Things that will help them in their handicap

If the patient in question has trouble walking, then you could get them walkers or any other adaptive movement aids that will help them moving up and down.

If the patient is having dressing problems caused by say maybe hand tremors, then you could get them magnetic button shirts which they do not have to struggle fumbling with the buttons or zips as they try to make sure that it is well buttoned and all that.

The blog hosiped also points out that you can get people who have Parkinson’s anxiety some weighted vests that will make them feel loved and cared for. The vests somehow reduce the anxiety in the patient since it provides a hug like effect everytime.

The usual Flowers, red cards and necklaces

Disabled people are also sentimental and have their feelings just like everybody else. So, when you are at loss what to get them, maybe you could get them some flowers, some amazon gift cards so as to buy themselves anything that they fancy online and everything will be super cool.

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Research has shown that golf can surge the life expectancy of a person by 5 years. A game of golf ensures that your body works out properly and you get to achieve respiratory, mental, cardiovascular, and metabolic health. There are very many social and health benefits that people do not know about playing this gentleman’s game called golf. This article explores the diverse health benefits that a person can achieve from playing golf.

Health Benefits of Golfing

Golf gives you the chance to burn calories

A game of golf is played in a golf course that is about 30 to 200 acres. A complete game is about 18 holes and this can take you about 4 hours of walking to complete the game covering up to 7 kilometers. In case you want to carry your own clubs in the golf bag, then it is possible to even burn more calories. A single game of golf can help you burn about 1,000 calories. Golf is as good as skateboarding or playing rugby as it helps to sweat and burn excess fat from your body.

Great for the Brain

Golfing increases you’re the heart rate so that the blood flow to the brain. The high flow of blood to the brain can arouse and enhance nerve cells links. The flow of blood to the brain cells can hinder mental ailments such as dementia. The game also involves tallying scores and eye-hand coordination which helps to keep the brain active and enhance logical functions.

Reduce Stress

Golfing can in a great way help to reduce stress. The game is an outdoor sport where you walk with people, get to interact, and share life experiences is an amazing way to forget your plights. The activities that involves walking and enjoying the natural environment and spending quality time with friends helps to keep you in good moods. The main reason for this is that playing golf can help your brain release chemical called endorphins that makes you relaxed and happy.

Gives you better sleep

A bit of exercise will make your body tired and at night you will probably sleep and get that long night that you deserve. It is true that golfers are likely to sleep faster and get uninterrupted sleep as a result of the quantity of energy spent. The best thing about deep sleep is that it helps your body regenerate cells and repair tissues and muscles in your body.

Increase your heart rate

Golfing can result to some exercise and this is good for cardio and your overall functioning of the heart. Walking while carrying your bag and swinging the clubs when playing will surge the heart rate and increase your flow of blood which in turn help to lower your risks of getting bad cholesterol and heart ailments.


The health benefits of golfing cannot be disputed. The article has explained the various health benefits that your body can achieve from frequenting the golf course and playing this awesome game called golf. It is important that you get yourself membership in a golf club and get to enjoy the health benefits of golfing.




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A report published by the global voice on dementia showed that there was approximately 46.8 million people who had dementia in year 2015. The number is expected to hit 75 million by the year 2030 and most of these people will be in developing countries says the same report.

According to Wikipedia, dementia is not actually a disease. It is an overall condition that is brought about by other conditions such as Alzheimer’s, old age and memory loss where an individual shows signs of memory loss. It also affects a person’s thinking skills so much that they are not able to carry on with their daily activities. Dementia is mostly common in people above the age of 65 years though it has also been found in people in their 50s. This does not mean that dementia is a must condition for the aged. No, there are people who go past 65 and beyond without it.

Symptoms of dementia include

  1. Emotional problems
  2. Difficulty with language
  3. Decrease in motivation
  4. Agitation
  5. Depression
  6. Elated mood
  7. Irritability
  8. Abnormal motor behavior


Having talked of these statistics and facts, it is now good that we look at how to take care of people with dementia because we might end up having it ourselves or have relatives who are living with it and they will need our care.

  1. Love and understanding

Patients with dementia do not know that they have a problem. They actually feel that you are probing into their privacy whenever you ask them questions or tend to supervise them. The truth is that they want to be as free as the birds of the air. But you and know that would never be good for both them and us.


Despite all that, you need to show them love and understanding. After all the person is a senior who deserves your respect. They might actually be your parent, guardian or teacher and as such you need to love them, treat them with respect and understand that they are not doing everything they are because they want—sometimes back they were very normal.

  1. Good food

Like all other patients, you need to give them good food that will keep them healthy and strong. You could ask their doctor on the best meals for them, what to avoid and what to include.

  1. Safety at night

“My dad went from being Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. Obsessed. And things were always worse at night. He was energized and I was physically exhausted,” said Robert Matsuda to Webmd when he was asked about his dad who was suffering from the condition.

During sleep, you will note that the person wants to keep away from bed rails. However, if you keep them in a bed without these safety bed rails, they are highly likely to fall in their sleep. The bed rails for seniors also keep them from wandering.

  1. Motion sensors

People living with this condition have been found to love wandering without any supervision. They always want to be run away from your radar. And you should not hate them for that because they do not do it knowingly. They are doing so as a result of the mental problem.

To avoid such movements, you can install motion sensors in their houses so that you are alerted anytime they make a move. With such gadgets, you will always know when they are wandering since the alert system will warn you so that you can be quick to do the necessary.




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When you are obese, you have a wide range of challenges. For one, you are called plus size which is euphemism for calling you a very fat person. The other thing is that you struggle with self esteem. And you also sweat or pant for breath after doing a short walk or anything that looks like a workout. Well, there are treadmills for obese people that you can use to help you get rid of that heavy weight.

Treadmills come with weight limits. And when you are obese, you want the one with the highest weight capacity. So, you need to go with one that is slightly higher than your weight. If you weigh 100kg do not go for one that has a weight capacity of 220lbs but maybe 300lb since you do not want it to snap under your weight.

I will talk about the things that I look out for when buying a treadmill for heavy people

Cooler fan

As a big guy, you are always sweating. And as such, you want one that will cool you. So an inbuilt air conditioner is a must have for that machine.


It needs to be heavy duty and very durable. You do not want one that has parts that easily snap away under your weight.


When I am exercising, I want to listen to cool music. So the treadmill needs have speakers so that I can connect my music and listen to these gym music that keeps me moving


It needs to have cushions that will protect you from falls

Speed control

An easy speed control helps you change how you are walking on it

LCD display

The Lcd screen tells me how far I have walked, how much time I have consumed as wella s the number of calories I have burnt within a specific period of time.

Handles with sensors

I like those treadmills that have handles with heart rate sensor. So I go for one that will check my heart rate, measure it and tell me how fast or slow I should go.

After using these strategies, I have found some great treadmills for big guys at amazon


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So I stumble on this fat guy who tells me that he is an athlete. That he is part of the Kenya Athletics team and I am amazed. You see all Kenyan athletes are thin guys who all seem to stem from Nandi. The guy tells me that he is from Central Kenya and indeed he has won three gold medals in the Olympics.

So I am flabbergasted over how such a fat guy could be an athlete and two, how they could have won.

My first wonderment does not take long since I realize that all that he has are muscles and not real fat. Unlike his Kenyan counterparts who are always thin, he makes sure that his muscles do not get wasted by the races. How, I ask. It is then that he tells me about weight lifting.

The guy is well educated on sports matters because he explains everything so clearly so that I can see it in black and white. He says that when you only do cardio, you are going to waste your muscles. When you however combine the cardio with strength training such as weight lifting, you are sure to build your muscles.


The guy also tells me that food is another important thing that he does not overlook. He is not the kind of person whom you will see eating fatty foods. No, the only thing that he takes in the streets are the best pizzas made in the most exquisite hotels since they are always well baked with the best pizza ovens and have the best ingredients that will help the body.

He is also very much into proteins claiming that they help in body muscle growth. And that is very true because muscles are proteins in nature so one needs to take nitrogenous foods if they are to see any muscle growth results.

Why is he that fat?

Of course I still want to know why he has such a bulky body. He goes on to explain that his nutritionist told him that he might have dormant alpha 2 receptors that will not let fat get burnt. Anyway, he is taking one of the best weight loss pills gnc for helping him get lean and muscular.

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A baby monitor is an alarm or radio system which enables you to listen to your baby when asleep or see what your baby is doing. It also enables you to know the temperature of the room your baby is sleeping in.

Types of monitors

Audio monitors

They only transmit sound your baby makes when asleep. It has a microphone in its transmitter unit and you have to place it near your baby. They are less expensive.

Analog monitors

Signal to the receiver is send in a straight shot from the monitor.

Digital monitors

The signal is encoded when travelling from the monitor to receiver making it hard for sound to be recognized by others.

Video monitors

It enables you to see what your baby is doing. They have a night vision feature that enables you to still have a view of your baby even when the room is dark. Some also have built-in lullabies and devices that monitor your baby’s movement and temperature. Often placed near the baby.

Wireless monitors

It allows you to use other existing devices in your house as receivers and you can put more than one camera and monitor in various rooms. It has a Drop cam Echo which detects sound and motion which you can be notified through email or your phone.

Importance of having a baby monitor

As a parent the safety of your baby is always your first priority and for this reason a baby monitor enables you keep an eye or get to hear what your baby is doing whenever you are not near him. If you intent to use it as a third eye then you should get one but if the idea is to use it as a nursing aid then it may not be the best thing to do as you may end up neglecting your baby.

The following reasons outlines why a baby monitor is very important:

Acts as a safety device giving you peace of mind

You can always prevent any accidents happening to your little one since you are able to check on your baby and know what is happening around him at all times. Incidents such as your baby falling from bed or swallowing anything can be easily prevented as the baby monitor lets you immediately spot such dangers.

It gives you enough time to rest

Knowing that you can always be able to track what your baby is doing while sleeping in a different room is the best for you since you will have good time to rest without worrying about anything preventing depression or irritation. The good thing with it is that if your baby wakes up you will be able to know and you can then attend to him.

Personal space

You can always put your baby in his crib while you attend to other chores without being disturbed.Baby monitors here comes in handy as you can carry it around with you therefore transmitting sound of your baby where you will be able to know if everything is okay.

It can also be used on toddlers and children

You can be able to monitor your child while playing in order to know if they are hurt or if it is more than one child then if they get to fight then you will be able to know and easily settle the issue.

Some are able to transmit video

Best video baby monitor is most suitable if as a parent you prefer visual other than getting to hear everything your baby does such as snoring or breathing. Getting to see your baby’s movement is enough to ensure his safety.

Features to look for in a baby monitor


Choose one whose frequency band is different from that of your cordless phone and other devices in your house. Always go for one with 900 MHz or more as it reduces any interference and also ensures there is clarity. If your phone uses DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) then you don’t have to worry about interference.

Low battery indicator

When batteries run out then you will get to know and be able to replace it immediately to continue monitoring your baby.


A receiver which is small in size is easy to carry around while you perform other chores in the house. You can choose one that has a separate receiver or uses available devices.

More than one receiver and transmitter

If you would like to leave one of the receivers in your room and carry the other one around then you can always buy several as well as  transmitters which you can place in more than one room


Sound activated light

Light often turn on whenever your baby makes noise therefore enables you to keep track of the baby even when you are busy doing something else.

Wireless model

This is most suitable when you are attending to other chores as you can always carry around.

Temperature sensor

If you like to know the temperature of your baby’s room temperature then go for this.

An audio or video model

If you only want to listen to your baby then you can buy an audio monitor but if you want to always watch your baby then buy a video monitor with a large screen that enables you to see the baby clearly.

Safety precautions

-Baby monitors with cords should be placed away where your child cannot reach.

-Avoid placing it near water to prevent any shocks.

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Sports is a very important part of our culture and well-being.

Without sports, we are likely to get older faster and at the same time, to not be able to work.

Our sports Department is crucial for the following:

Ensuring that every young person is actively involved in sports

Ensure that our young people are able to explore their talents and make use of them at a young age



Over the years, we have been recruiting young people to join our sports departments as apprentices. As they are trained, they have shown progress and the knack to get things quickly which is a great thing that we are proud of.

Our youth are talented. If you are a parent and happen to notice that your child is not specially gifted in education. do not look down upon them. They might be good in other fields such as sports. Bring them to us and we might just surprise you by telling you that the kid is a born athlete or footballer.


Importance of Sports

Sports is important in getting people fit. Rather than take pills to get ripped fast, why not engage in sports. They will help you lose weight faster

Well being of the body is ensured by sports. Without it, we will have zombies. You surely do not want your kid to be one, do you?

According to the newstimes of Rwanda, sports is important in developing friendliness among children. Kids who play tend to show friendliness since they interact and share while playing.

A blog by the name has also said that sports develops the character of your child. You are able to tell what kind of kid they are when they play with others and therefore sports should be in the curriculum of each and every school.

Because of this, we have asked the Government of Tanzania to ensure that every school has a sports lesson where kids play and socialize with each other.

Weight loss

Sports have been linked to weight loss. If you led a sedentary lifestyle and got fat, the doctor would definitely advise you to start exercising ASAP if you went to them with the problem. The paunch that you have grown is as a result of fat around the soft tissues of the belly. It can only take exercises to beat it off. Your food would also have to be monitored by a strict dietician to see that you only eat lean food and do not waste at all.

Getting ripped

Once you step into bodybuilding and want to bulky and with a six pack, the first thing would be good diet full of proteins to grow your muscles. After that, you would need to exercise hard so as to get ripped and your muscles to get leaner and leaner.

Avoid lifestyle diseases

Sports help you from getting lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure and atherosclerosis that come about after intake of too much cholesterol. Sports burn up the cholesterol leaving you leaner and well-shaped.

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